Stop on down to the Lansing, Michigan River Trail all summer long to check out my latest creation “CLASH”!!!

CLASH is a series of 6 – 4’X8′ abstract acrylic paintings. My largest creation yet! My first outdoor install exploration was definitely a challenge. 70 hours total from start to finish. From constructing the wooden canvases to the 13 hr painting session it was a an undertaking! CLASH will be at its temporary home on the River Trail at Lansing ARTpath site #9 from June until September. Located on the Shiawassee deck directly across the river from Lansing’s Adado Riverfront Park, and just a few steps away from downtown Lansing! CLASH is a huge vibrant splash of abstract color with an amazing back drop of the Grand River, and the Lansing skyline. CLASH is just 1 of 20 art installations that will be calling the Lansing River Trail home for the summer. Wander on down the trail, and see the beautiful city of Lansing in a whole new way!!!